Suicidality test underway

U.S. company Sundance Diagnostics has licensed genetic markers from Max Planck Innovation that predict suicide risk when antidepressant drugs are prescribed. The new test, based on research carried out at the Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry, should help doctors to decrease the risk of suicidality in patients treated with antidepressants who show certain gene markers.

New biomarker test

Image: DNA microarrays are used for diagnostics and to study the expression of genes. A further application is that of genome analysis.
© MPI of Psychiatry

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Technology offer: Drug Screening with soft hydrogel particles

Scientists from the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces have developed a simple and robust label-free screening technique using soft colloidal probes (SCP) as sensors. The invention is based on measuring the deformation of the SCPs while being in contact with specific substances and can be used in the fields of medical diagnostics and drug screening.
Picture: A ligand functionalized probe binds to the receptor on the substrate surface. It is deformed depending on the analyte concentration and affinity, which can be determined by the RICM images. The dark area in the center corresponds to the contact area.
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