Save the date on May 15: BioVaria 2012 – presenting more than 70 Life Science inventions

On May 15 the technology fair BioVaria 2012 will show “Europe’s Next Top Technologies”, i.e. the latest licensable technologies developed by leading university and non-university research institutions in Europe. Max Planck Innovation is again main partner and co-organiser of the technology fair, which takes place for the fifth time this year. Max Planck Innovation together with the Lead Discovery Center (LDC) will present novel Inhibitors for Rab Geranylgeranyl Transferase (RabGGTase), deriving from the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology, to an audience from the biotech- and pharmaceutical- as well as the venture capital sectors. The inhibitors could be the basis for the development of new cancer drugs.







The importance of RabGGTase as a potential drug target is becoming more and more apparent. Some substrates of RabGGTase have been identified as important switches for transformation of cells and the aggressiveness of epithelial cancers (e.g. Rab25). This is further supported by clinical observations that, for example, Rab25 is frequently overexpressed in breast and ovarian cancers and is strongly associated with decreased survival. RabGGTase is a well validated, but still innovative oncology target. Well tolerated RabGGTase inhibitors may be also suitable for testing in additional indications, such as osteoporosis and infectious diseases. The LDC will now present new highly potent and selective RabGGTase inhibitors and is seeking partners with an interest to license or jointly develop the lead program.

A total of over 70 life science technologies, mainly therapeutic and diagnostic candidates in the fields of cancer, inflammation, autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease and other major human diseases, will be presented in poster sessions and partly in ten-minute presentations. Interested visitors can directly get in touch with the inventors of the technologies for their questions. In recent years, several contracts between technology transfer organisations and industry were initiated following the fair. BioVaria 2012 is being organised by a total of 13 technology transfer organisations from Germany, Austria, France, Spain and Canada, amongst others.

Here you get more information on the technology, which is presented by Max Planck Innovation and the LDC.

More information on BioVaria 2012:

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