Start ups

New Max Planck spin-off KonTEM under way – new phase contrast for electron microscopy

Our start-up managers from Max Planck Innovation just got the caesar spin-off KonTEM GmbH under way. The new company, which has been founded in November, is a new spin-off from the caesar research centre and has developed an innovative phase contrast system for transmission electron microscopes (TEM). The new technology enables scientists to achieve better contrast and high object resolution at the same time, opening up new potential for the testing of biological samples.

Picture: Patrick Kurth and Steffen Pattai from the KonTEM founders team adjusting the phase contrast system. Copyrigt: caesar


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The ABC of Start-ups: Founders Academy

The first ever Founders Academy took place from 4 to 5 October 2011. Max Planck Society (MPS) scientists interested in founding a company in any industry based on technologies developed by the Max Planck Institutes were given the opportunity to pick up an extensive range of information on all aspects of start-ups and company financing.
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